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Medusa Earrings

Medusa Earrings

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One-of-a-kind Medusa earrings, made of 18K Fairmined white gold, Ocean Diamonds from South Africa, sustainable pearls from the South Sea and traceable Akoya pearls from Vietnam. Every part, including each link of each chain has been completely handmade from pure gold grains. These baroque earrings dangle delicately from the earlobe, with a cascade of cognac diamonds, golden South Sea pearls, unexpected keshi pearls and sweeping, warm grey gold chains.


All the diamonds were supplied by Ocean Diamonds, found on the ocean floor off the coast of South Africa, and cut in South Africa.

The pearls were supplied by Marc Harit’. The golden and keshi come from the South Sea and have been farmed in a sustainable way, the white, smaller pearls are Vietnamese Akoya and are traceable.

SI2 Fancy Orangy Brown Round Brilliant Cut: 0,455ct

SI1 Fancy Cognac C7 Emerald Cut: 0,566ct

VS/SI Cognac Round Brilliant Cut: 0,65ct total

Golden South Sea pearl, light gold A: 10,6mm 2 pearls

Golden South Sea pearl halfcut, light gold B: 9,5mm 1 pearl

Golden Keshi AB: 6 pearls

White Keshi ABC: 6 pearls

Vietnamese Akoya AB: 4mm 16 pearls

Vietnamese Akoya A(b): 2.5mm 20 pearls

Total 18k white gold: 22.73g


Length: Round brilliant cut: 7,5mm; Emerald shape: 7,8mm

Weigh: Round brilliant cut: 15,9g; Emerald shape: 16,15g


This item is one of a kind and is ready to be shipped in a couple of days. It took ca. 80 hours to create them, link by link. Each detail has been hand crafted in our workshop in Italy. Handmade backing.

If you would like something similar, please fill out our custom work form. Once you place the order, if there is some additional waiting time, we will inform you. Once ready, we will ship it and e-mail you all the shipment details. If you need the earrings quickly, please contact us and we will try to solve the problem.

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