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La Luce Gioielleria

Laurel Leaves Ring

Laurel Leaves Ring

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One of a kind, hand forged, 18K red and yellow Fairmined gold with Fairmined silver accents, laurel leaves ring.


Laurel has always been a symbol of accomplishment, following classical western culture throughout the centuries, from the crowns of the greek Olympians to today’s graduates. Each milestone in our lives, whatever small, should be cherished and celebrated. This ring has this purpose.
Made of 8 individual leaves, each one hand forged and unique and then soldered on a fitted ring made of 18K Fairmined red gold. Each side of this ring is different and it can be worn in many ways, it would be lovely even hanging on a chain.


Every gram of gold and silver in this ring is Fairmined certified and it has been hand forged in our studio in Italy where we produce 20-30 pieces per year.

Total weight of 18K gold: 3.57g


Size:13 (circumference: 53.1 mm, Not Resizable)


This item is one of a kind and is ready to be shipped in a couple of days.

Creating truly ethical or sustainable jewellery is a nearly impossible task, but we do our best, in every step, every day. If you would like to know more specific information or even only chat with us on this subject please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are incredibly passionate about this issue and thrilled to share our experiences and thoughts.

If you would like something similar, please fill out our custom work form. Once you place the order, if there is some additional waiting time, we will inform you. Once ready, we will ship it and e-mail you all the shipment details. If you need the ring quickly, please contact us and we will try to solve the problem.

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