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Dead Flower Earrings

Dead Flower Earrings

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One-of-a-kind Dead Flower earrings, made of 18K Fairmined gold and 925 Fairmined silver, on an oxidised copper base, completed with blue and green drops of Tourmalines from Brazil. Completely handmade from grain to polish, these exquisite earrings delicately sit on the earlobe, creating a dramatic, unconventional, and inimitable look. Like water droplets, drenched in colour, the tourmalines dangle, adding movement and light to the earrings.


The Tourmaline drops were supplied by Aurhen EcoFair, who sourced them from a single mine in Brazil, called Minas Gerais, operated by artisanal miners, the Soares Family. These gemstones are untreated and traceable.

Gold and silver are Fairmined certified. We are still searching for a certified source of Copper.

Total tourmaline weight: 3.13ct

Total weight of both earrings: 24.37g

Total 18K Fairmined gold: 14.2g


Length: 6.7cm / 7.4cm


This item is one of a kind and will be ready to be shipped in a couple of days. It took approximately 100 hours to create these earrings, petal by petal, over the course of 1 year. Each petal has been soldered in our workshop in Italy. The earrings feature a handmade Omega ring backing. If you would like something similar, please fill out our custom work form. Once you place the order, if there is some additional waiting time, we will inform you. Once ready, we will ship it and e-mail you all the shipment details. If you need the earrings quickly, please contact us and we will try to solve the problem.

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