Il Cerchio Della Vita

One of the remarkable aspects of precious metals is that they are indefinitely recyclable. We want our jewellery to be timeless, yet we treasure how people can change. To help our client’s love of their jewellery grow and flourish, we organize free shipping on any significant alteration or renewal of our jewellery.

We are very conscious that jewellery is a treat and not an essential good. We also know that our resources are limited.

We would cherish to do everything in our power to enable our clients to continue to wear our jewellery instead of buying new ones.

This service doesn’t have a time limit. Repair or service performed by a third party other than “La Luce” will void this service unless otherwise decided privately. This service is transferrable, proven that the jewel is original and unaltered.

For more information, please contact us with your new thought or idea. The price will vary accordingly to the project.