Custom Works

All our products are made to order, making them all customisable. Please feel free to contact us to have a taste of what we could create for you. Customisation can be about a completely novel piece of jewellery or just altering a flower or a gemstone. 

Please fill out the form below and we will take care of your request.

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    We will get back to you as soon as possible. If the request is simple, we can solve it via e-mail. If the request needs further analysis, we will inquire about your preferred communication method (e-mail, zoom, face-time, WhatsApp, iMessage etc.) and discuss the details.

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    We send you a proposal with a sketch, the estimated time and the price.

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    Once approved, we will send you a link and a password to a private page on our website. It will be possible to pay for the custom jewel. On this page, it will be possible to follow the progress of your custom piece, view exclusive sketches and communicate with us for any additional information.

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    Once the payment has arrived, production will start