Hello Joy.
I got your last 3 sketches and I love them!Specially the baseball one! About the budget I would like to know how does it cost from 2300 up to 2900 ?it that because the last two versions ?
If it does,may I ask what’s the different to makes the price increased. I wanna know if there is worth or not to have an over budget.thanks!


Hi Mike,
For the last picture, I just wanted to let you know that I made two versions because they require a different amount of time to make. I designed the one on the left, but it’s too time-consuming to create within your budget, so I designed the one on the right.
These are the last 3 links, so if you agree I can process the first half of the payment and start working on it. Creating this bracelet will be time-consuming as you can imagine, so I stretched your budget to the limit. To create deeper engravings, or more details (for example the link on the left) I would need to go over budget to around 2900 EUR. Otherwise, I will stick to little less details and confirm your initial budget of 2300 EUR. Let me know your thoughts on the last links and how you would like to proceed,
hope you have a lovely day,
I am very excited to start making them!


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