What is Fairmined?

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations.


Why we chose Fairmined instead of recycled metals?

Mining is, unfortunately, a very damaging activity for our environment. Miners need to excavate a great deal of land and by doing so they ruin their habitat and produce a vast quantity of CO2. Further, mining gold can require the use of a considerable amount of mercury.

Hence, recycled gold should be a much better option for the environment.

Sadly, the gold mined up until now isn’t enough to satisfy the demand. Especially, due to the always growing need of the stock and electronics market.

Besides, recycled gold can only be traced from the refinery onward, making it very easy to slip untraceable new gold into the supply chain.

Fairmined Gold is, to us, the best available option. It proves to small scale miners and the world that it’s possible to mine gold conscientiously.

Fairmined ensures the miners are paid a fair price. It certifies that the harsh chemicals are used properly or not used at all, where possible. The presence of a premium permits to invest in mining operations, social development and environmental protection. Fairmined sets the standard that every mine should follow. It helps miners re-establish the disrupted ecosystem and invest in their future and on their land and communities.

For more information: https://fairmined.org

We buy our gold from: http://www.altrocarato.it