Knowing the precise source of all our raw materials is imperative data for us. We have chosen to use Ocean diamonds or Canadamark diamonds with this in mind. Anyhow, it is a goal of ours to work with Small Scale and Artisanal Mines in Africa to have a positive impact on these communities. That is why we are trying to establish a network similar to the one we use for coloured gemstones.

We are also considering diamonds from Botswana. Even though this seems like a more straightforward way to buy diamonds from Africa that are regulated, we have found some evidence of clearances of native people because of diamond findings. To know more:

This alternative could still be viable until we can buy from Artisanal or Small Scale Miners in Africa. The aim is to pay the mining communities a fair price, create teaching programs for cutting and polishing gemstones and support the establishment of a self-sufficient and non-exploitative environment.

We are also closely monitoring the work Fas Lebbie is doing with Root Diamonds ( This is an incredible project, intending to bring the story of each diamond and the person who mined it to the public. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a certain date for this goal as it depends on our suppliers and the political conditions of African countries. We will incorporate them into our supply chain as soon as we can.