LA LUCE is a Jewellery company that aims at creating the best quality and most beautiful jewellery while always improving our effort to create a more sustainable, conscious and climate aware environment.

LA LUCE recognises that the climate crisis and environmental degradation are fundamental challenges of our time. As a business, it is our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, and take responsibility for our impact on the planet.

Specifically, our environmental objectives are to:

  • Track our CO2emissions and verify them through a third-party partner by the end of 2022. We also pledge to offset an estimate by the end of 2021 and the accurate amount as soon as it has been verified. Once we have an accurate estimate, we will also formulate a plan to diminish our CO2
  • To always implement our waste management in line with the programs offered by our supplier, Hera ( We already recycle: paper, plastics, organic material, glass, wood, metal, iron, grass and plant clippings and any electric waste. We also dispose safely through them of any solvent, potentially harmful liquid or waste oil.
  • To always use only renewable energy in our lab.
  • To closely monitor and learn more on how all our raw materials are sourced and encourage our partners to reduce their impact on the environment and provide support if needed.
  • To aid our clients to modify and renew the jewellery they purchased from us as to limit the use of new raw material.
  • To use cardboard that is either 100% recycled or is certified carbon-neutral in our packaging. Our packaging will always be 100% recyclable.
  • To comply with all the National and European laws regarding the environment.
  • To gradually change all our light sources to lower consumption LEDs neon lights.

These environmental objectives are publicly communicated through our website and marketing strategies and reviewed yearly. Moreover, we share them with our partners and our suppliers. We hope to invite and help other companies to take responsibility for their impact on our precious planet.

Marco and Joy, Founders of La Luce.

September 2021.