LA LUCE is a Jewellery company that aims at creating the best quality and most beautiful jewellery while always improving our effort to create a more sustainable, conscious and fair environment.

LA LUCE recognises that we must positively impact ethical business practices within and outside of our company. Ethical and fair work conditions shouldn’t be required only in those countries where the law (fortunately) enforces them, but also in countries where they are not ensured. As a business, it is our responsibility to implement programs to ensure that all the workers in the supply chain are treated fairly.

Our objectives are:

  • Responsible Sourcing.

We source our raw materials only from a selected group of trusted suppliers. These suppliers have either certifications or personal contacts with the miners or the small companies that manage the mines.

  • Fair Labour Practices.

We work to ensure human rights are respected in all areas of our business. And while it’s easier (but not guaranteed), to expect that human rights are respected in developed countries, we strive to ensure that no one is exploited along all our supply chain. We also commit to identifying, preventing and mitigating negative human rights impacts caused by our company.

  • Non-discrimination

We firmly believe in a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination within our company. We don’t discriminate based on race, disability, sexual orientation, origin, sex, religion or any other status protected by law. We won’t tolerate harassment on any work-related occasion. 

  • Work hours and wages

We handle all our working hours and wages in full compliance with Italian law. We commit to paying our employees a salary equal to or above the national living salary wage. We also make sure that our suppliers pay fair wages all along our supply chain.

  • Child labour

We have a zero-tolerance policy on child labour within our company and for all our suppliers. Our service providers working with suppliers in at-risk environments require written commitment from their suppliers.

  • Forced labour

We have a zero-tolerance policy on forced labour of any kind within our company and for all our suppliers. Our service providers working with suppliers in at-risk environments require written commitment from their suppliers.

  • Freedom of association

We strongly believe in freedom of association of employees through labour unions to best express their point of view and bring forth their issues. We will therefore always respect and create a dialogue with them.

  • Safe and healthy workplace

Safety and health in our workshop are at the forefront of our concerns. Our workshop complies with all the regulations imposed by Italian law. We provide all personal protective equipment. If any incident arises, we provide all the needed help and support as specified by law.

  • Transparency

We pledge to be as transparent as we possibly can, giving our clients truthful and reliable information. We list on our website all our suppliers, with links to their websites. All the supplies we purchase are traceable. We are happy to answer any question that might arise to the fullest of our capabilities. We know the industry we operate in isn’t perfect and we are open to any kind of dialogue or suggestion on our improvements.

  • Bribery and corruption

We have a zero-tolerance policy on bribery and corruption. Our industry is particularly sensitive to bribery and corruption. Therefore, any kind of gift should be proportionate or be visioned by the board. We accept payments only through traceable methods. We pay all taxes required by the Italian government.

  • Progress

We report on our website all our progress and assess yearly our new objectives.

They can be found on the “future goals” part of our corporate social responsibility page.