We manufacture one-of-a-kind-jewels thought out to be cherished and loved. We wanted our jewellery cases to be just as refined. Each one is made by hand in Bologna by a group of expert artisans.

We have decided to use organic cotton velvet because it moulds and changes with time: the edges will become a bit rougher, the parts you touch the most will flatten and it will become truly yours. Time will shape grace and harmony in it.

For more information: https://www.floriani-astucci.it

First impressions count. We wanted the first thing you saw to be about “la luce” (the light). What’s more unmistakable than the light from the sky? That’s why we decided to hand paint each of our external boxes with a different cloudy sky.  Our external box is made by skilled artisans in Bologna. Each one is made by hand with a type of paper that permits us to use watercolours on it without ruining it.

For more information: https://mastricartai.it